Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bonnie's Baptism

My niece, Bonnie, turned 8 this year! In our religion, when we turn 8, we get baptized! It's such a fun and special time in ones life. It's so special that I wanted to make sure she had some special decor at her party. Earlier this year I made the decorations for my sister in laws bridal shower. I made a circle paper chandelier. I took that idea, and embellished it a little. Instead of plain circles, I thought daisies would be cute. And I think I was right :)

I used aqua bakers twine, one 12 inch embroidery loom, yellow and white construction paper, and my trusty Cricut!

I used the Paisley Cricut Cartridge and cut:
8 five inch flowers
8 four inch flowers
8 three inch flowers
8 two inch flowers
8 one inch flowers
75 one inch circles (in yellow and white)
75 one and half inch circles (in yellow and white)

Putting it together:

I tied four pieces of twine across the loom creating 8 pizza slices. These will be used to mark where I place the daisies, and where the center circle dots will be hung from.

I then strung the daisies together and tied them to the loom. Placing one five inch daisy in the pizza slices.

Then I strung four different lengths of circle paper chains and tied them to the center twine, one on each piece of twine.

Be creative, use your own personal taste! You don't have to follow my rules exactly, I just look at it and go with whatever I feel looks good. Trust your eye :)

I made 24 6 inch Daisies and made two Daisy chains to hang as banners.

And I took a few sheets of 12 inch paper and cut that into four equal pieces.

From there I made half of them into triangles and half of them into two triangle flags. Putting those two shapes together made for the most beautiful banner! We see triangle banners all the time, so it was fun to change it up a bit and add a different shape to the mix.

I was so proud with how everything turned out! I love making decorations for parties! I can't wait for the next one.

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