Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Danny's 30th Birthday

This year Danny turned 30!! The big 3 - 0! I wanted to throw Danny a birthday party, he hates birthday parties, but he LOVES pizza parties. So, I took an idea Danny has been talking about for a while now, and made it come to life. Danny has been talking about having a party where everyone invited had to bring a pizza from a mom and pop pizza shop. That way we could try a ton of pizza places in just one spot! It was a genius idea, Danny loves trying new pizza places, and this was a way to get to try a bunch of new places at once. I sent out the invitation, it said that instead of gifts, please bring a medium or large pepperoni pizza from somewhere that isn't a major chain (Danny's favorite pizza is pepperoni pizza, so we ate that). The party was a huge success! 

I made most of the decorations for the party, I started by making a felt pizza banner.
I got ivory, red, beige, and dark brown felt and created little pepperoni pizza slices.
I used my hot glue gun to put it all together. No sewing needed!

I asked my friend Jill to make the tissue paper garland to add some color to the party. The two banners went perfectly together! 

I bought some number balloons and had our friend Joey fill them up, they're the easiest way to decorate a party! They add some fun metallic color to the room and a different texture. 

Being from Argentina, spanish is my first language, so I thought it would be fun to have a banner that read, "feliz cumple" instead of "happy birthday." It's just a little different and fun!

So many of Danny's friends and family came out! His sister, Jessica, even came from San Diego and brought a pizza from Lucadias (one of my personal favorite pizza places). 

The party was a big scuess, and as party favors we just let people take home a box of pizza (we had TONS of left overs). I highly recommend throwing a pizza party like this! So many yummy pizza places from tons of different locations, it's the best gift money can buy :)

Danny also has a love of dinosaurs, so Erika made sure to add tons of them to his birthday cake.

Our friend Jill took the best picture of Danny that night!

The Pizza King

 Danny's Birthday Outing:
After Danny's pizza party we took him to an airplane museum, another one of Danny's favorite things. 
Here are some pictures from our outing.

 I hope my love had the best 30th birthday! He deserves nothing but the best, best, best!

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