Monday, November 21, 2011


This weekend my mom's friends and I threw her a surprise birthday party for her 50th birthday! She had no idea they were planning this! We kept it a secret for about 6 months! It was so hard! We decided to have it on Friday since she would be at work all day and I would be able to decorate, well on Thursday my mom comes home and goes, "I took the day off tomorrow!" I immediately thought she knew what we were up to. Why would she just randomly take the day off!? Needless to say, it ruined my whole day! I had to sneak in and out of the house in order to decorate, I had to be SUPER sneaky. She thought Danny and I were taking her out to dinner, when she asked where we were taking her I told her we were taking her to the Summit house. It was the only place I could think of that was nice enough for her to get dressed up for, plus I could tell her that it was booked on Saturday (because she asked why we couldn't just go out to eat on Saturday) and I could tell her that the only time they had available was for 8pm (since that is late for dinner). So she got all dressed up, and I told her Danny was outside waiting for us. We walked downstairs, and into the recreation room and then SURPRISE!!!!! All her friends were there waiting for her! She had no idea! It was so much fun, so many people came to celebrate my mama! There was good food, good entertainment, and great cake! I hope she had the best 50th birthday ever! But I still think I have to take her to the Summit house.
Everybody went around and read a little bit of advice for when you turn 50.
I thought the cake was so funny! Danny loved it because it had dinosaurs on it. I thought it was from a bakery because it tasted so good! But my mom's friend Graciela (the mastermind behind the party) made it from scratch. It was too yummy!

The delicious cake
Time to make wishes
Seriously, so good!

For a gift everyone gave Graciela money and she went and got a bunch of $50 bills to give my mom! She put them in a paper fan that said "Hot Flash Fan" and then gave it to her. It was amazing.

Money Money Money
 Then it was time to toast the woman of the hour! They filled this comically large flute with sparkling apple cider and cheered as my mama turned the grand ol' age of 50! 

I was in charge of the decorations, Danny took some shots of my hard work ...

Feliz Cumple!

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Em said...

Emilia! I love that you threw your mom a surprise party! That was soo sweet!! It looks like a fabulous party and I loved the gift idea as well as the HUGE flute glass. You are soo talented Em!