Friday, July 12, 2013

Jill's Bridal Shower

Right after Danny and I got married our really good friends started planning their wedding! I had the honor of making decorations for Jill's bridal shower. I LOVE working with paper, I think it's amazing all the things you can do with all the different types of paper.
Their wedding ended up having a very similar feel to her shower, I was glad to know I knew her taste so well! I was very proud of the decorations at the shower. This was also the first time I made the Giant Balloons with the tassels. I now make them ALL the TIME! Literally, all the time.

It started with asking Jill which colors she liked out of three pallets I choose. She picked the picture she liked best, and then I started cutting and twisting away. This is what my apartment looked like during the crafting ...

I then got some Rifle Paper Co. letter garlands to make her banners.
Jill designed her own invitations, I was in charge of envelopes (I just sewed together a piece of paper and added some washi tape to the back) and then I mailed them off! The party was on!

We threw Jill's shower at our friend Erika's house. She has the most amazing house! Her living room is gorgeous and has such a great mantle. 

I added two giant balloons to either side of the mantle. It really filled the space!

The dining room had another sign and more tassels. I also put a clear balloon in there with confetti inside of it, but we ran out of helium so we could only blow it up half way, and it wasn't very clear :(

The failed clear balloon. 

After the party we all went out back and had fun taking pictures with the balloons.

Sweater: Anthropologie. Dress: made by me. Necklace: Madewell. Shoes: Free People.

I thought the balloons turned out really well considering they were my first ones!

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Jillith said...

Thanks for all your help. You made my bridal shower look so beautiful!