Friday, July 12, 2013

Playing Catch-up: Honeymoon Part III

After the Flagler Museum we went down to Miami to have a little beach time and grab some dinner. I loved the Art Deco style of Miami Beach, it was so beautiful. The food was also AMAZING! We ended up eating dinner twice (back to back!) Because there were too many restaurants we wanted to try. I was so full! I must've gained 20 pounds on our honeymoon!

 The next day we drove back up to Disneyworld. We spent the day at Celebration Town. It's a city built by Disney!! I want to retire there. 

There were rocking chairs right in front of this view. It was perfect.

We had lunch in their downtown. I had a delicious lobster roll. It was too good!

Their theater!! They were incredible!

I was OBSESSED with all their houses. I could live in any one of them. After lunch we just walked around the neighborhoods picking which home we would live in when we retired. 

This house won. We would live here!

 They had the most interesting buildings, this is their post office.

 These were just office buildings. It was crazy!

 After having lunch and walking around, we went back to Disneyworld, and then the next day we flew home. It was the most amazing honeymoon! We got to do so many wonderful things, everyone was so nice, the weather was AMAZING, and I got to pet a baby tiger. Best honeymoon ever!

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