Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello Malibu!

So I kind of forgot I had a blog, it wasn't until my bestie Ashley asked about my blog (she is in Israel and it will be her only form of communication) that I even remembered I had one! So I have a lot of catching up to do, I won't be doing it in order, So the first thing I will blog about is MALIBU! I love Malibu, It is probably my favorite family vacation spot. This year was nice, we had all the cousins there, and the girlfriends and boyfriends came. I can't believe we are all at the age where we have boyfriends and girlfriends! When we first started vacationing in Malibu we were still using floaties to swim! Julie and I spent the whole time laying out by the coves.
One day I even had my own real life stalker! I guess I truly made it in the world, I mean you have to be someone real cool in order to have a stalker. Julie and I were laying out and we saw this boy staring. I thought it was in my head, so I just brushed it off. BUT then he moved and was standing behind a rock staring at us. I started to think maybe he WAS looking at us. Then I got up to go to the bathroom, first let me tell you that the coves are a bit of a walk from the bathrooms. You have to walk up stairs, down a rock mountain and then trek across the hot sand to get to the bathrooms. As I am climbing down the rock I turn around and he is behind me!! He goes "HI!" I say "hey?" and then take off. I get to the bathrooms, he is still behind me. As I close the door to the bathroom he is taking a drink of water from the water fountain just staring at me! I get out of the bathroom, make a walk around the bathroom just to fully make sure he is following me and I am not crazy...and he does the unnecessary walk AROUND the bathrooms with me! I then briskly walk through the sand, up the rock, and down the stairs back to the cove. I see these girls laying out next to us and I ask them "Is that guy still flowing me?" They go, "Ya. We thought he was with you" and I go, "NO WAY! He is freaking me out!" I quickly became friends with these girls, I mean if he murdered me I needed someone to know that I was missing. So we became bffs and they were my back up. He finally left, and Danny showed up about an hour and a half later. I felt safe once Danny got there. At first he didn't believe me, until the girls told him about my stalker! (They were even worried about me when I went off for 20 min looking for Danny...they were obviously doing their job of making sure I didn't go missing ha ha) I am just glad we are all alive. 16 year old stalkers can be crazy. Oh, did I not mention he was 16? I mean a stalker is a stalker no matter what age. and 16 year olds can still be dangerous. He will be one big Creep MeCreepster when he grows up! Probably the leader El Creepo!
Other than that, Malibu was smooth sailing. I got a good tan, and got to spend some good times with my family, cousins, and my big love Danny. I can't wait until our next trip!