Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

Halloween Eve Part III: The Pumpkins

Here are the pumpkins in all their glory!

 Danny just gets better and better every year!!!

Halloween Eve Part II: The Girls

There's nothing more fun the carving pumpkins with little kids! Bonnie was a blast to have around as Danny created pumpkin after pumpkin. One of the things she was doing all night was mimicking the faces of the jack-o-lanterns! 

 Phoebe is too young to participate, but she is so cute that she was too much fun to have around!

She's too cute!!!
Little Lyla was sick all night, so she didn't come out until a little later in the evening, she was fascinated by the Big Mac!

Poor little girl! She was sick and missed so much of the festivities.
One thing we learned on this Halloween Eve .... Kids are fun to have around when you're carving pumpkins!

Halloween Eve Part I: Carving

On Halloween Eve we went over to Danny's sister's house to carve our many many pumpkins. We usually just carve them at my house, but Julie has three little ones that love Halloween so it was fun to carve the pumpkins with them, especially since they had some amazing ideas!
Bonnie was all snuggled up for a night of carving pumpkins!
Some of the pumpkins that needed to be carved
The rest of the pumpkins!

4 pumpkins down...
Bonnie had thousands of ideas for Julie.
Love that stem.
More pumpkins
Pumpkin guts!
All the pumpkins!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Navy Blue Dress

The other day I went to JoAnn's and all of their corduroy was 50% off! I usually don't care for corduroy but I've been seeing so many cute skirts and dresses made out of it that I had to have it! I made this dress out of the navy corduroy! I also made a pencil skirt out of the navy corduroy but that will have to wait for my pencil skirt post coming soon! Corduroy is pretty easy to sew on, the only thing you really have to worry about is pressing it too hard. It takes on the shape of whatever you press, so when pressing on top of seams be sure to put a press cloth or piece of paper in between the seam and the wrong side of the fabric so that the lines don't show through.

I hope you get some cozy corduroy for yourself so you can make skirts and dresses for the fall!!

Thanks Ray!

Thanks to Ray Villafane's DVD Danny was able to carve this amazing pumpkin ...

Danny watched the DVD and then started sculpting away ...

I might be biased, but I think he did an amazing job for his first time sculpting a pumpkin!

Danny likes lights in his pumpkins so he decided to cut the eyes out so that he could put a candle in there for an extra creepy effect!

I can't wait to see what Danny boy does with the other 15 pumpkins we have sitting on the balcony!
He's only going to get better and better. 
BOO! Happy Halloween weekend!

Lady Liberty

                                            Image from wikipedia
It was Lady Liberty's 125th birthday yesterday! They gave her a make over and added webcams to her torch, her crown, a webcam with view of the harbor and another one with a view of Lady Liberty herself! I LOVE New York, so it's nice to be able to wake up and have my tea with a live view of the NYC skyline or a view of the Statue of Liberty. Now I can be in New York and never leave the comfort of my own home! Check it out here! You will not be able to walk away from your computer once you start! It's too beautiful.