Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here are some pictures from my birthday. After a day full of shopping we invited my cousins and a few close friends over for cake. Danny didn't take his camera out until 11pm so these are the only pictures we have from that night! 

Me and my beautiful cousin Laura
There are few things I love more than tissue paper honeycomb balls!
Since it was my birthday everyone decided to pose on my good side. I think it's everyone's good side because we all look good.
Joey, Jill, Me, German, and Laura
My sister and I made these cupcakes, they were so good! I love confetti cake.
Since my house was already decorated for Halloween we decided to keep the theme going for my birthday. Danny bought these pumpkins and carved them out in like 5 min! They looked so good on my balcony! Danny is the best pumpkin carver!

Danny's sister Julie and her husband Ryan had Danny and I over and when I walked in Julie had put up streamers and balloons AND they had a cake waiting for me! I felt so special, here is a picture of me getting ready to blow out my candles at their house. More birthday wishes for me!

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