Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quarter of a Century ...

Number pinata from Oh Happy Day. Easy to make and it's nice to be able to hit something on your birthday. It takes the edge off being another year older.

 I turned 25 on the most popular birthday in the county, October 5th! I feel old. I've been 25 for 4 days now and I feel wiser already. I have always had to share my birthday with tons of other people but, I still always feel special because my wonderful boyfriend makes me feel like most important person in the world. He took the day off work and took me shopping! We were supposed to go to Disneyland, but it rained like CRAZY on my birthday so, we went to South Coast Plaza instead. I had a very successful shopping trip, followed by an amazing lunch at Taps. Then I had my cousins and close friends over for cake. It was a perfect day, even with the rain! I'll post pictures soon

My friend Ashely was sweet enough to take pictures of me blowing out my cake! My mom decided to take pictures of everyone singing "Happy Birthday." I love them both.
I couldn't blow out that last candle. It was a super candle.

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