Saturday, October 29, 2011

Navy Blue Dress

The other day I went to JoAnn's and all of their corduroy was 50% off! I usually don't care for corduroy but I've been seeing so many cute skirts and dresses made out of it that I had to have it! I made this dress out of the navy corduroy! I also made a pencil skirt out of the navy corduroy but that will have to wait for my pencil skirt post coming soon! Corduroy is pretty easy to sew on, the only thing you really have to worry about is pressing it too hard. It takes on the shape of whatever you press, so when pressing on top of seams be sure to put a press cloth or piece of paper in between the seam and the wrong side of the fabric so that the lines don't show through.

I hope you get some cozy corduroy for yourself so you can make skirts and dresses for the fall!!

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