Friday, March 19, 2010

Navy & White

I made a jersey dress for summer time. I feel like this is going to be my staple summer dress. Its so comfortable, I like the longer length, and it hangs well on the body. I will probably make a few more in this pattern. I went fabric shopping and bought about 4 more stretch knits to make dresses out of. I will post them as I finish them. I am just glad that it is sunny enough to lounge out by the pool. I got fried yesterday, but I took some Advil and used a whole bottle of aloe and I think I don't look as burnt anymore! It was nice to get some color! Please stay nice so that I can lay out every weekend!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sewing Party Skirt

A while back when Mary came down the first time we had a sewing party and I taught her how to make this skirt. Well here is my final skirt, Mary used a very cute blue fabric with flowers on it and hers turned out so pretty! She wore it the Sunday after we made it, but I wax my legs and so I go two Sundays with smooth legs and one Sunday with tights so that I can grow out my leg hair (gross) and wax it later that week ha ha. I didn't have tights to match my skirt so I thought I would save it for a sunny day with smooth legs, I thought the day would never come! It is sunny and my legs are silky smooth, finally I could wear my skirt! I hope it stays sunny and warm from now on because I just bought a ton of new fabric to start making some dresses! So sunshine please stay! I need to get a tan, and I need to wear my dresses and skirts.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tester Top

I made my first top yesterday. It is not the most amazing thing I've ever made, and I am okay with that because it is the first time I have made this top, or any top. Whenever I make something for the first time I always try it with cheap fabric, then if I like it I go and buy nicer fabric. Which is actually not the best idea because cheap fabric sews like cheap fabric ha ha so, if I sew with nicer fabric then the first time I make something it will turn out better! But I just don't want to risk it so I will continue with my way, cheap fabric first then nice fabric! So there it is, my first shot at a top, I embellished it with some little frillies I learned how to make to spice it up a bit, but mainly to distract from the horrible hem. I blame the fabric.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Easter Wreath

So I decided to make an extra cheesy Easter wreath, I didn't feel like cutting out more felt so I just used the felt from the Valentine's Day wreath, added some purple, and put it onto a circle wreath. I cut out some ribbon and made a funny little Easter Bunny peeking out from behind and there you have it extra cheesy very Elle Woods Easter wreath! I want to make a wreath with Argentine colors for the World Cup! I think that will be my next wreath, or maybe a yellow and orange one with a little sun on it for summertime! They're so easy to make and I feel like I have to have a wreath on my door because a wreath-less door seems like a really sad door. Anywho sorry for the cheesy craft, I will try and post a more mature craft next time!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Headband Happy Days

My friend Mary is in town from Washington D.C. and we love to craft, last time she was home we had a sewing party and made some very cute skirts! This time we made headbands! It was so much fun, Mary made some very cute hard headbands with some feathers and some fun ribbon. I made soft headbands they're very shiny, very cute! Mary's were more professional, I will have to ask her to take some pictures of them so I can post them on here and you can see her talent! I can't wait to have another sewing/craft party the next time she comes down! Sorry about the pictures, I have been dancing all day and so I don't want my gross face to show ha ha thank you iphoto blurring enhancement!

Monday, March 8, 2010


So I've started making earrings, I started last year with some really small flower posts, and then found cuter and cuter flowers and went crazy! Now it has turned into a full on obsession. I make earrings all the time. Now whenever I make a skirt or a dress I try to make earrings to go with it! I have finally mastered making them without covering my hands in glue, so that's nice. Above are some of the earrings I've made thus far. I think they are really cute and they are the easiest things in the world to make! I think they would make really nice party favors or gifts!