Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sewing Party Skirt

A while back when Mary came down the first time we had a sewing party and I taught her how to make this skirt. Well here is my final skirt, Mary used a very cute blue fabric with flowers on it and hers turned out so pretty! She wore it the Sunday after we made it, but I wax my legs and so I go two Sundays with smooth legs and one Sunday with tights so that I can grow out my leg hair (gross) and wax it later that week ha ha. I didn't have tights to match my skirt so I thought I would save it for a sunny day with smooth legs, I thought the day would never come! It is sunny and my legs are silky smooth, finally I could wear my skirt! I hope it stays sunny and warm from now on because I just bought a ton of new fabric to start making some dresses! So sunshine please stay! I need to get a tan, and I need to wear my dresses and skirts.

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Amy said...

Okay again, I'm in love! I would love to pay you to make some skirts for me...not sure if you would be interested but email me at and we can discuss!