Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been WAY too long!

I have been crafting like crazy! But I haven't taken any pictures of all the new stuff I've made! As soon as Danny gets back from Dallas I will have him take pictures of my new stuff so that I can blog about it right here! Until then, here is a sneak peak as to what I've been up to this past month ...
I've been making a LOT of shirts! Made them in gingham, chambray, plaid, I've gone shirt crazy! This was the first one I made, they've gotten a lot better since then, or at least I think they have : )
I've been painting my nails in fun summer colors, I saw it on my friend Emily and I loved it! 
We went back to Malibu (and go back again in two weeks!)
I bought a metal stamping kit and have started making fun jewelery! EG is me, 5 is my birthday number!
I am in charge of making the decorations at my friends bachelorette party, so for the past week I've been doing that! This tassel garland took me forever!
More decorations for the bachelorette party
And I've been hanging out with my BFF/cat Messi
Oh! And we've been going to Disneyland a lot! Annual passes were the best idea!
Danny is really good, I am awful!

I know these pictures are really bad! Don't worry Danny will be back soon and he will take nicer pictures!