Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Museum Date: LACMA

This past Saturday Danny and I went to the LACMA. They have a exhibition right now on California Living from 1930 to 1965. It was amazing! That isn't exactly Danny's cup of tea, but lucky for me Metropolis II was also at the LACMA, so we each had a lot to see. The LACMA is amazing! It's a bunch of different buildings filled with the most amazing art! You get to visit all these different museums all in one place! It's my favorite! If you haven't been, you have to go. You will love it. I promise. Especially if you go between now and June 3rd, you will get to see the California Living exhibit. It's fabulous. 
The view from the top!
I felt like Alice in Wonderland

 Monets and Picassos ...

Walls full of Monets. It was brilliant!
Walls full of Picassos. 
The precision is insane. 

 California Living from the 1930's - 1965 "Living in a Modern Way"

The most amazing BBQ/Fire pit!
I want to put this in my living room. It's a fantastic piece!
Blue print. I loved how there was a garden by each main room. 
I kind of want to get these for Danny and me this summer.
This wasn't part of the California Design exhibit, but it fit in so perfectly! This is there year around!

 And last but not least, Metropolis II ...

It was insanity!
Look at all those cars! They just whizzed around like crazy!
The man in the center didn't seem that excited to be working the Metropolis II!

 And that was our trip to the LACMA! So much to see, and so much fun!

First Skirt Pattern

It's been really warm lately so I was digging around my closet trying to find something fun to wear, when I came across this!

This is a skirt made from the very first pattern I EVER made! I took a sewing class about two years ago and made this pattern as my first project. After I made it for my class I just kept remaking the skirt over and over and over again. I made it in all kinds of fabrics. Danny's sister asked if I could make her a skirt, I told her if she bought enough fabric for the both of us to get a skirt out of, I would make us skirts! This is the fabric she bought. It was a silkier fabric, but I had made that skirt so many times by then that it didn't really phase me. I think it turned out so cute. I wore it yesterday and it was really comfortable, I think I am going to get all the skirts I made from this pattern out of storage for the spring!

Color Blocking Craze!

I am having a lot of fun with this color blocking trend! Here are some more color blocked creations from this month. I made both of these patterns, well, more like I made one pattern and then modified it ...

Color blocked dress, with an elastic waistband to give a bit more shape. 

Same pattern as above, but this time I made the last piece shorter in order to make a shirt! 

Fit is Key

Patterns are not perfect. At least they aren't on me. The other day I made this dress, and when I was all done, I put it on, and it was HUGE. Here is what it looked like before ...

And here is what it looked like when I fixed the bodice. 

By altering it so that it's more form fitting it makes it look more ready to wear, and less home made. Fit is the key! I have to be better about trying on my garments (with the proper undergarments!) along the way. Putting it over my sports bra and t-shirt isn't going to work anymore. I need to stop being lazy, and try it on properly! Nothing's worse than finishing a garment and finding out it doesn't even fit well. Lesson learned!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you do something fun today! Danny and I will be going to Casa Vega for dinner. We've been going there for the past 3 years, it has become our Valentine's Day tradition and we love it! 

This was taken four years ago, our first Valentine's Day together. We went to a Famous Couples dance. Danny and I got Beyonce and Jay Z (I loved it!).  From the looks of this picture it looks like I got Jay Z.
Here we are now, I love that we have swapped outfits, I am in a striped sweater and Danny is in a grey shirt. Ha ha ha we've turned into each other!

Night Dive

I've been stalking the Grilled Cheese Truck for about 1 year and a half now. I decided on Thursday night that I was going to see where it was this past weekend and just go to it! Even if it meant driving to the heart of LA for a food truck, I was going to eat at the Grilled Cheese Truck no matter what!! When I went to their website I found out that they were going to be at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Score! The Aquarium is probably one of Danny's favorite places, that's where he would take all of his dates back in the day. It turned out that the Aquarium was doing an event called Night Dive, they had bands and artist set up throughout the Aquarium and it was an 18 and older event, so there were no kids running around touching the glass and screaming. It was amazing!! I finally got to eat at the Grilled Cheese Truck (fantastic!) and we got to see all the exhibits at the Aquarium with great music in the background! I think they are going to start doing it every second Friday of every month. We are definitely going back! Danny found a food truck he LOVED and started stalking, Slammin' Sliders, I have to admit they were super delicious. Probably the best sliders I've ever had, I couldn't believe something so good could come out of a truck! If you don't go to Night Dive, you must go to Long Beach for the Boardwalk alone! Danny and I go on many dates there, they have great restaurants and probably the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Check out the Shoreline Village! You won't regret it! 

On line for the Grilled Cheese Truck!
Yum! I got some tomato soup to go along with my grilled cheese, and it was the perfect meal!
Slammin' Sliders. Seriously delicious!
Touching the Jellies!
Guess what these are ...
Little tiny Sea Horses!
We love the Aquarium of the Pacific! 
The Queen Mary
Shoreline Villiage

Thank you Long Beach for providing us with, yet again, with another fantastic date night!