Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Museum Date: LACMA

This past Saturday Danny and I went to the LACMA. They have a exhibition right now on California Living from 1930 to 1965. It was amazing! That isn't exactly Danny's cup of tea, but lucky for me Metropolis II was also at the LACMA, so we each had a lot to see. The LACMA is amazing! It's a bunch of different buildings filled with the most amazing art! You get to visit all these different museums all in one place! It's my favorite! If you haven't been, you have to go. You will love it. I promise. Especially if you go between now and June 3rd, you will get to see the California Living exhibit. It's fabulous. 
The view from the top!
I felt like Alice in Wonderland

 Monets and Picassos ...

Walls full of Monets. It was brilliant!
Walls full of Picassos. 
The precision is insane. 

 California Living from the 1930's - 1965 "Living in a Modern Way"

The most amazing BBQ/Fire pit!
I want to put this in my living room. It's a fantastic piece!
Blue print. I loved how there was a garden by each main room. 
I kind of want to get these for Danny and me this summer.
This wasn't part of the California Design exhibit, but it fit in so perfectly! This is there year around!

 And last but not least, Metropolis II ...

It was insanity!
Look at all those cars! They just whizzed around like crazy!
The man in the center didn't seem that excited to be working the Metropolis II!

 And that was our trip to the LACMA! So much to see, and so much fun!

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Jaclyn said...

such a cool museum. i need a date with some red skinnys. you rock those babies!