Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year!

For those of you that didn't know, my sewing machine broke a couple weeks ago so, I haven't been able to craft! I am getting a new one in the next few days so I will be back to crafting ASAP! Until then I leave you with my Holiday Newsletter. I hope you have a happy new year! Make lots of resolutions that way there is a better chance of keeping at least one! It will make you feel better.
Be safe and see you next year!!
Here's to 2011!
Just kidding I didn't have bed bugs, but I was SUPER paranoid about it. Go away bed bugs!!
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Argentine Christmas!

My entire life I have celebrated Christmas at midnight! It's how we do things in Argentina! So, as I wait to open my presents I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!

My Favorite Trees

There is a street in Fullerton that puts the most beautiful decorations on all their trees! Danny takes me there every year, sometimes more than once because I love it so much! I always want to do it to my tree, but I feel it would look sad with just one tree on the street. I can't believe that the entire street got together and did this! Who made all the balls!? It's just beautiful, I didn't bring my camera so the pictures are from mine and Danny's cell phones. Sorry! Next year I will do a better job.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Lame Russian Nutcracker

I have been going to the Nutcracker since I was a little girl, so when Danny and I started dating he adopted my childhood tradition and now we both go see the Nutcracker every Christmas!

This year we went and saw the Great Russian Nutcracker performed by the Moscow Ballet. I had high hopes. Danny and I saw the Kirov ballet perform the Nutcracker two years ago and it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. It was impeccable! Even Danny liked it! Well, It was SO good that every Nutcracker we've seen since then has been awful!
Last year nobody was touring so we went and saw the South something ballet, which was more or less a recital, but we knew what to expect because tickets were only $29. So, when it was horrible we weren't that bummed and kind of just laughed about it.
When I saw that the Moscow Ballet was touring with the Nutcracker this year I was SO excited! We bought our tickets in August and paid a pretty penny. On Saturday we left for San Diego (oh ya, we had to go to San Diego because they weren't performing it anywhere up here, it wasn't until the middle of November that they announced they were performing it in La Mirada...that should have been a red flag). We drove down to San Diego in the POURING rain, we thought we were going to die. We ate at a little corner bistro by the Copley Symphony Hall where we were seeing the Nutcracker, then we almost got blown away crossing the street to the hall and sat down in our seats. As soon as the curtain went up I knew this wasn't going to be as good as the Kirov.
They had all these little kids on stage that were bumping into each other and stumbling on the marley. It was awful, if I wanted to go to a recital I would've gone to Fullerton or Irvine, but I paid top dollar to see a professional company and I don't want to see other people's kids going into the wrong wing and freezing when they see the lights. I know some of you might think I am mean, but I don't know these children so I don't want to see them dance! They can perform for their parents in July when their local dance studio puts on a recital, not when the Moscow Ballet comes to town and charges four times as much as a recital ticket to see them.

The Kirov Ballet did not have any children, it was very professional and the most fantastic thing I've ever seen. To add to the lame Moscow Ballet's performance when the first half was almost over a back drop came down too early and then got stuck! It took them forever to get it back down again, they actually just had to bring it back down by the time they got it up there. It was awful! In the second half when the sugar plum fairies were dancing four girls from who knows where (they weren't from Russia because they were hefty chicas) came out on pointe and just fell all over the place, I was so embarrassed, I can't believe I paid to see this!
Danny was lucky he fell asleep for most of it, although he did miss the backdrop malfunction, which was pretty unbelievable. I hope that ABT or NYC Ballet tour with the Nutcracker this year, I am sick of seeing D-list performances of the Nutcracker. I should've just gone to Long Beach, at least they have great props and pyrotechnics!

PS: If I end up dead, even if it looks like it was from natural causes, check in with the Russians because they probably killed me.

More Christmas Lights!

It has been raining for days and days! I can't even remember the last time I saw the sun, and tonight it stopped!! So, Danny and I went down to Starflower to look at all the lights! It was cold, but we were just happy that it wasn't raining anymore. We really love going down and seeing all the houses because you can get so many great ideas. The neighborhood goes ALL OUT! There was fake snow, dancing bears, penguins in a box, and even a disco ball! These are the best lights in town!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Lights and Mannequins

We did a little part of our "Christmas Light Tour" the other day after Danny's work Christmas Party. We stopped by one of our favorite houses...

This house goes ALL out! The pictures don't do it justice, there are lights, penguins, inflatable stuff...including the giant m&m characters, ferris wheels, snowboarding Santa's, and mannequins. THAT'S RIGHT!! MANNEQUINS! Not just mannequins though, mannequins dressed up in pretty slutty Christmas clothes!!! The person who does this house is pretty fantastic, I have never known anyone to dress up mannequins and place them in their front yard. I mean, where do you even get mannequins!? The neighbors across the streets don't put up any lights at all, I wonder if they are bummed they have to see this house every morning, cause I would feel pretty lucky. Pretty lucky indeed.

Now please enjoy the amazing (but very poor quality) pictures...

Pretty great huh?
I am going to go watch A Very Brady Christmas Now...

Boat Parades and Bah Humbugs!

Today Danny and I went to the Newport Beach boat parade, it was amazing! There was a boat that was a Grinch theme and that one was my favorite! I was raining like crazy so I didn't take any pictures, I was clenching onto my umbrella like it was my last possession on earth! Danny and I wore our emergency ponchos that were red and green, very appropriate! We ate dinner at a little place on Balboa Island then took a stroll down to the water to watch the boats. The Newport Beach Boat Parade is one of my favorite traditions, I think everyone that is close should go! Even if it's raining : )
Since I didn't take a picture at the boat parade here is a picture of Danny and I at the OC Repertory when we went to go see A Christmas Carol two weeks ago. Danny and I have a few Christmas traditions. We start the holiday season off by going to A Christmas Carol at the OC Repertory, then we go see The Nutcracker (Who we see varies year to year, it depends on who is touring. The first year we went we saw the Kirov Ballet perform it and we haven't seen a better one yet! This year we are seeing the Moscow Russian Ballet do it, so maybe they will be able to give the Kirov a run for their money...but I doubt it! I hope ABT or NYC Ballet go on tour with it soon!) Anywho then we go to the Newport Beach Boat Parade and then we have our own little tour of the Christmas lights in Brea, and Corona and a few other amazing houses that have become a staple on the Danny and Emilia Christmas Lights Tour. All I have to say is Mannequins in slutty Christmas outfits!!
This year we tried to start a new tradition (I know we already have a lot but we LOVE Christmas) We went and saw the Mission Inn in Riverside...WHAT A BUST!!! It did not have that many lights, and they weren't even that amazing. I have seen better driving around town. If you ever thought of going, skip it! It's NBD.

Sea World

Last week Danny and me went to Sea World with his sister Julie and her Husband Ryan and their two very cute girls! It was so much fun!! I had never been to Sea World before and I LOVED it! How do they make these big mammals do those crazy tricks!? I am truly amazed, I would go back in an instant to see them jump around. My favorite was the Clyde and Seamore show, but I think it was because of Biff, he was very funny (the first time). I also LOVED the pet show! Whenever I get the chance to see cats do tricks I am there! My least favorite was the Blue Horizons "Dolphin" show. I say "dolphin" because there were hardly ANY dolphins in the show!! I think they should rename it to the Weird Bird People show! I see dolphins do more tricks laying out in Leo Carrillo.
PS: I also loved the ice cave! (Julie took a better picture I have to get it from her!)

Ho Ho Ho

Everything is hung in it's place!

We decorated the tree with trains, dinosaurs, ballet slippers, and some home-made mushrooms I whipped up before we put up the tree. I think they are my new favorite ornament! That and the "G"s I think they're so cute and bright!

The wreaths and banners are up in there place, I didn't take pictures of all the banners, there are 10 banners around the house and I didn't want to put up pictures of all of them!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I love wrapping gifts!

Wrapping Christmas gifts is like my passion! I haven't wrapped that many yet cause it takes me forever to wrap them! I put way too much time into wrapping gifts, it's not the actual wrapping part that takes time, but the process of picking what wrapping paper with what ribbon. That takes me forever!! I can't wait to wrap more presents!! I think I have a problem...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wreath Fixed!

Okay so the wreath that I had made before with the little red and white ruffle now looks like this!

I did not like how that ruffle looked, my friend Mary pointed out that it looked like a garter and it really did! It looked awful (you can see a picture of it in my previous post), so I fixed it today and I LOVE it.
My house is all ready for Christmas! I am just waiting for a couple ornaments from Anthropologie to get here so that my tree can be finished. Once they arrive I will post some pictures! Yay! It's officially Christmas!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Crafts

****Disclaimer this is not the final placement of my decorations I just put them up to take a picture!

Well the Christmas decorations go up in less that two days so I had a lot of crafting to do these past couple days. I have been sewing and gluing and pinning for what feels like forever and I am almost done with all my decorations! These are the things I still have to make:

  1. Wreath
  2. Table Runner
  3. Mini Tree
  4. Re-Do Stocking garland cause I sewed them too close together
  5. Make felt ornaments/snowflakes to hang around the house
All that has to be done by Thursday when the decorations go up! I think I can do it!
I think I can I think I can!
In the mean time here is the stuff I already made. I can't wait to see it all in it's place on Thursday!

This year I wanted to make a Christmas banner out of burlap! I wanted to make something more rustic looking since all my other decorations are so green and red and bright! The picture didn't turn out that great, but you get the idea.
Then I made a wreath to go with it, but I don't like how the ruffle looks so I think I am going to change the ruffle to flowers this week too. The ruffle really does look like a garter.

Here are some regular triangle banners I made to go up around the house on shelves and on the piano. Then I made these little leaves and tied them onto a metal circle to make a leafy wreath! I made one in traditional Christmas colors and another in some snowy shades.

This is my favorite! I got the idea for this and the wreaths above from Gifted Magazine. It took me forever to find thicker bakers twine, but I finally found some at Anthropologie the other day! So I could finally tie my little stars to the twine! I can't wait to loop this around the Christmas tree! Maybe even hang some of it around the house. I just think it's so simple and cute. I love it!

This year I decided to make stockings! Here is my first attempt at trying to make these little suckers.
I love Martha Stewart and when I was trying to find some templates to make some felt ornaments I found a template for this little stocking garland! I think it's so cute! I sewed the stockings too close together though so I need to fix that before Thursday too!
I can't wait to see how all these decorations come together!
I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't eat turkey and drive!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins Galor!

Remember all those pumpkins in the previous post? Well this weekend we carved them ALL! Including a couple more pumpkins that we just had to have, one being a beautiful 120lb big mac pumpkin! Danny has always wanted to carve a big mac pumpkin, but they are always so deformed, then one day we saw the most perfect big mac pumpkin so we knew this year would be the year that Danny would get to live out his pumpkin carving dream.

Here is a picture of his big mac pumpkin. What a beauty.
On Friday Jessica and Tarrin came over and carved pumpkins with us! Our little lot looked good! I carved a couple of owls on my pumpkins, Tarrin carved a raven, and Jessica made a Jack-o-Lantern! Danny made some very crazy Jack-o-Lanterns. My poor Martha Stewart exacto knife was ruined in the process (but it's okay I got a new one ha ha).

Then on Saturday it was time for Danny to carve that big mac pumpkin! He did a wonderful job! I thought it looked amazing! This time he even bought his own exacto knife kit so that my new Marthat Stewart knife wouldn't get orange and gross. What a great man!

Danny says you always see big pumpkins eating the small pumpkins but this year was the small pumpkins year for revenge! So the small pumpkins attacked!!