Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sea World

Last week Danny and me went to Sea World with his sister Julie and her Husband Ryan and their two very cute girls! It was so much fun!! I had never been to Sea World before and I LOVED it! How do they make these big mammals do those crazy tricks!? I am truly amazed, I would go back in an instant to see them jump around. My favorite was the Clyde and Seamore show, but I think it was because of Biff, he was very funny (the first time). I also LOVED the pet show! Whenever I get the chance to see cats do tricks I am there! My least favorite was the Blue Horizons "Dolphin" show. I say "dolphin" because there were hardly ANY dolphins in the show!! I think they should rename it to the Weird Bird People show! I see dolphins do more tricks laying out in Leo Carrillo.
PS: I also loved the ice cave! (Julie took a better picture I have to get it from her!)

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