Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boat Parades and Bah Humbugs!

Today Danny and I went to the Newport Beach boat parade, it was amazing! There was a boat that was a Grinch theme and that one was my favorite! I was raining like crazy so I didn't take any pictures, I was clenching onto my umbrella like it was my last possession on earth! Danny and I wore our emergency ponchos that were red and green, very appropriate! We ate dinner at a little place on Balboa Island then took a stroll down to the water to watch the boats. The Newport Beach Boat Parade is one of my favorite traditions, I think everyone that is close should go! Even if it's raining : )
Since I didn't take a picture at the boat parade here is a picture of Danny and I at the OC Repertory when we went to go see A Christmas Carol two weeks ago. Danny and I have a few Christmas traditions. We start the holiday season off by going to A Christmas Carol at the OC Repertory, then we go see The Nutcracker (Who we see varies year to year, it depends on who is touring. The first year we went we saw the Kirov Ballet perform it and we haven't seen a better one yet! This year we are seeing the Moscow Russian Ballet do it, so maybe they will be able to give the Kirov a run for their money...but I doubt it! I hope ABT or NYC Ballet go on tour with it soon!) Anywho then we go to the Newport Beach Boat Parade and then we have our own little tour of the Christmas lights in Brea, and Corona and a few other amazing houses that have become a staple on the Danny and Emilia Christmas Lights Tour. All I have to say is Mannequins in slutty Christmas outfits!!
This year we tried to start a new tradition (I know we already have a lot but we LOVE Christmas) We went and saw the Mission Inn in Riverside...WHAT A BUST!!! It did not have that many lights, and they weren't even that amazing. I have seen better driving around town. If you ever thought of going, skip it! It's NBD.

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