Friday, December 24, 2010

My Favorite Trees

There is a street in Fullerton that puts the most beautiful decorations on all their trees! Danny takes me there every year, sometimes more than once because I love it so much! I always want to do it to my tree, but I feel it would look sad with just one tree on the street. I can't believe that the entire street got together and did this! Who made all the balls!? It's just beautiful, I didn't bring my camera so the pictures are from mine and Danny's cell phones. Sorry! Next year I will do a better job.


Steph said...

what is that street called? I love it!

Emilia said...

It's on Chapman and Yale! Go!! I just drove by it again, I love it!! It's beautiful. PS I got my Cricut and I LOVE it!!! We have to have a Cricut party asap!