Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day papi!

Happy Father's Day! Today my papa wanted to go to the Natural History Museum, so to the Natural History Museum we went! Danny and I LOVE the NHM! We hadn't gone in about two years, and they've added SO many more things since then! And they are still expanding! Do you know what's coming in July??? DINOSAURS!!! They're opening one of the BIGGEST Dinosaurs exhibits in the United States right here in Los Angeles. We will be heading back in a month for that, we're even thinking about becoming museum members! Danny said that once the Dinosaurs arrive it will be his new favorite place, sorry Long Beach Aquarium, you've been bumped to second place. 
This is where the Dinosaurs are going to be!
This is part of the new section they opened up! At least it was new to us. It's gorgeous.

These were my favorite diamonds! I think they're so beautiful!
Danny's favorite parts were the dinosaurs, mine were the diamonds!

Disclaimer: The lighting in the museum is awful, so pictures aren't as amazing as they could be!

Happy Place

I don't know what I caught, but it must be a super bug because I've been knocked out for the past week! I've been so sick I can't do anything! I can't even talk on the phone!! Just when I thought I was getting over it, it turned into a sinus infection! Oh the pain, the suffering, the nasal spray! The only thing getting me through this tough time is knowing that Danny and I renewed our Disneyland passes!!!! I miss Disneyland! I miss California Adventure, I know most of you will think I am lame, but I LOOOVE California Adventure, maybe even more than Disneyland. I just love the boardwalk feel! I could seriously sit on a bench and look out onto the park eating an ice cream all day. I just want to get better so I can go back to my happy place, the HAPPIEST place on Earth!

I just love California Adventure! I can't wait for the Cars ride to open up!
California Adventure makes me feel so cool that I just need to kick my knee up.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bridesmaid's Dress II

I had made a rough draft of a dress I thought I wanted to make for my friend's wedding and I was going to make it with my real fabric this week, but then Simplicity patterns went on sale at JoAnn's and I bought the CUTEST little Project Runway pattern! I knew this was going to be the pattern I used to make my bridesmaids dress! I made a couple of changes to the pattern, I added pockets, used an invisible zipper instead of a zipper with a tab, and then added one more super secret alteration that made my dress the most perfect dress! I hope Lauren likes it! I already found the cutest shoes to go with it, hopefully the mall has them cause if they don't then I'll have to order them and I hate paying for shipping!! I can't wait for Lauren's wedding! We're doing a girls trip up there with some other fellow bridesmaids, I love spending time with the girls it will be nothing but Ace of Base and Puffy Cheetos all the way up!

Hurray for friends getting married this summer!! And being a bridesmaid!

PS: Have you seen the movie Bridesmaids? It was funny! 
I wouldn't call it the female Hangover, because the Hangover was HIlarious, but it was really funny. 
I loved Melissa McCarthy's character!, she cracked me up! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Danny's Babies

Danny got two tortoises a few months ago, they're the cutest little things! Right now they're the size of my hand, but in a few years they can be up to 250 pounds! We named one of them Darwin, and the other one is named after one of my favorite philosophers, Nietzsche. They love laying out in the sun and eating lettuce. I love watching them stroll around the cage, and they're surprisingly good climbers! I would look into the tank every once in a while and they would be on top of their log caves! How did they get up there!? They're crazy! 

I can't wait for these guys to get bigger.  Good old Chuck and Fred.

Here's Darwin walking around and getting some sun.

Day in LA

When Danny's Dad came into town a couple weeks ago we thought it would be fun to go to the La Brea Tar Pits! Then we got there, and it wasn't that much fun ha ha. Very fun in theory though! After walking around the museum they had there we took a stroll to some fun places around the Tar Pits and then took off to the Griffiths Observatory. Then we ended our fun day in LA sitting in traffic! Danny got a the new Rebel T3i so we got a lot of good pictures! I can't believe what difference a good camera makes! Best purchase ever! Ha ha ha