Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Place

I don't know what I caught, but it must be a super bug because I've been knocked out for the past week! I've been so sick I can't do anything! I can't even talk on the phone!! Just when I thought I was getting over it, it turned into a sinus infection! Oh the pain, the suffering, the nasal spray! The only thing getting me through this tough time is knowing that Danny and I renewed our Disneyland passes!!!! I miss Disneyland! I miss California Adventure, I know most of you will think I am lame, but I LOOOVE California Adventure, maybe even more than Disneyland. I just love the boardwalk feel! I could seriously sit on a bench and look out onto the park eating an ice cream all day. I just want to get better so I can go back to my happy place, the HAPPIEST place on Earth!

I just love California Adventure! I can't wait for the Cars ride to open up!
California Adventure makes me feel so cool that I just need to kick my knee up.

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Mrs. Ham said...

alrighty...we need to go to disneyland and make necklaces and sew! i just caught up on all your posts since i've been gone at lake powell. i'm craving me some disney land...PLEASE! i'l kick my knee up with you its just that cool!