Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day papi!

Happy Father's Day! Today my papa wanted to go to the Natural History Museum, so to the Natural History Museum we went! Danny and I LOVE the NHM! We hadn't gone in about two years, and they've added SO many more things since then! And they are still expanding! Do you know what's coming in July??? DINOSAURS!!! They're opening one of the BIGGEST Dinosaurs exhibits in the United States right here in Los Angeles. We will be heading back in a month for that, we're even thinking about becoming museum members! Danny said that once the Dinosaurs arrive it will be his new favorite place, sorry Long Beach Aquarium, you've been bumped to second place. 
This is where the Dinosaurs are going to be!
This is part of the new section they opened up! At least it was new to us. It's gorgeous.

These were my favorite diamonds! I think they're so beautiful!
Danny's favorite parts were the dinosaurs, mine were the diamonds!

Disclaimer: The lighting in the museum is awful, so pictures aren't as amazing as they could be!

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