Monday, June 6, 2011

Bridesmaid's Dress II

I had made a rough draft of a dress I thought I wanted to make for my friend's wedding and I was going to make it with my real fabric this week, but then Simplicity patterns went on sale at JoAnn's and I bought the CUTEST little Project Runway pattern! I knew this was going to be the pattern I used to make my bridesmaids dress! I made a couple of changes to the pattern, I added pockets, used an invisible zipper instead of a zipper with a tab, and then added one more super secret alteration that made my dress the most perfect dress! I hope Lauren likes it! I already found the cutest shoes to go with it, hopefully the mall has them cause if they don't then I'll have to order them and I hate paying for shipping!! I can't wait for Lauren's wedding! We're doing a girls trip up there with some other fellow bridesmaids, I love spending time with the girls it will be nothing but Ace of Base and Puffy Cheetos all the way up!

Hurray for friends getting married this summer!! And being a bridesmaid!

PS: Have you seen the movie Bridesmaids? It was funny! 
I wouldn't call it the female Hangover, because the Hangover was HIlarious, but it was really funny. 
I loved Melissa McCarthy's character!, she cracked me up! 


Mrs. Ham said...

bahhh it's sooo cute! STOP making me jealous NOW.

Collin said...

Okay, Emilia... I love this dress! You did an amazing job!!! And I am in love with those sandals. Where did you get them? I need them!

Emilia said...

Hey Collin! Thank you! There are a couple of things I have to fix, but I'm happy with it!
Those sandals are from Urban Outfitters, I think I got them last summer. The ankle strap was HUGE so I ended up cutting it and then sewing it by hand about an inch in, I broke two needles! I LOVE ankle strap sandals, but they tend to be big on me, these were cheap enough where I could experiment with them and not get bummed if it didn't work out, lucky for me it worked out!
Urban has some really cute sandals right now! You should check them out. JCrew has even cuter ones! They make my favorite ankle strap sandals because they all have buckles, I bought the Medina sandals in leather and suede, and they're on sale right now! My next purchase is going to be the Lilibeth leather sandals, SO cute! And they are kind of similar to the ones I am wearing in the picture, only 1000 times better ha ha ha. I could shop for shoes all day!

Collin said...

Thanks for the info Emilia! Welp, it definitely looks like I need to get myself a pair!!! They are darling. Great. Danny's going to love that! My Danny, that is. haha. Thanks again my style guru!