Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins Galor!

Remember all those pumpkins in the previous post? Well this weekend we carved them ALL! Including a couple more pumpkins that we just had to have, one being a beautiful 120lb big mac pumpkin! Danny has always wanted to carve a big mac pumpkin, but they are always so deformed, then one day we saw the most perfect big mac pumpkin so we knew this year would be the year that Danny would get to live out his pumpkin carving dream.

Here is a picture of his big mac pumpkin. What a beauty.
On Friday Jessica and Tarrin came over and carved pumpkins with us! Our little lot looked good! I carved a couple of owls on my pumpkins, Tarrin carved a raven, and Jessica made a Jack-o-Lantern! Danny made some very crazy Jack-o-Lanterns. My poor Martha Stewart exacto knife was ruined in the process (but it's okay I got a new one ha ha).

Then on Saturday it was time for Danny to carve that big mac pumpkin! He did a wonderful job! I thought it looked amazing! This time he even bought his own exacto knife kit so that my new Marthat Stewart knife wouldn't get orange and gross. What a great man!

Danny says you always see big pumpkins eating the small pumpkins but this year was the small pumpkins year for revenge! So the small pumpkins attacked!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Time!

It's Halloween time!! I love decorating my house for the holidays! Right now we have 14 mini pumpkins inside of the house along with a few more decorations. Out on the balcony we have spider webs, twinkle lights and banners, plus 10 pumpkins that are waiting to be carved! The front door has some glittery tinsel, spider webs, and an autumn wreath (made to look like it's for Halloween by adding some spiderwebs). Danny and I are still looking for the perfect haunted house to add to the decor, I figure if we buy a few things every year by the time we are 50 it will be perfect!

Happy Halloween!!

PS: Here is a tutorial to the Boo! banner I made in the first picture ...

Primas Come Over...

My cousins came over last Sunday to celebrate my birthday with a good ol' fashion slumber party! As soon as they got to my house we took off to Jo-Anns to get fabric so that we could make yoga bags! Then we ate some pizza and a ton of junk food. After we were all stuffed with grease and sugar we watched Teen Witch & Hocus Pocus while we made our yoga bags! It was so much fun! I love them so much! Yay for slumber/sewing parties!! : )

(Here is a picture of the birthday banner I made, my friend Tanne helped me by cutting out the letters, I can't wait to get a Cricut! I am awful at cutting things out.)

(Here is a picture of all the yoga bags we made!)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well I have been 24 for a full day now and I feel old. I had a little party at Shakey's to celebrate. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family, they make me feel so special and loved!! Also, Shakey's is delicious. Even though my birthDAY is over, my birthday week is still going strong! Danny is taking me to Santa Monica for a little shopping spree on Friday, then on Saturday my beautiful cousins are coming over to celebrate with me!
The only thing that could make this week better is getting my 15% discount from Anthropologie before I leave for Santa Monica! Oh please please USPS make your way over to my house and drop off that oh so important letter!

PS I have been crafting a lot, I will take pictures of the stuff I've been making some time this week and post them. My friend Tanne came over today and helped me make a birthday banner, it turned out really cute! Although it is quite large since I cute really big triangles. I also made a Fall wreath, right now it is decorated for Halloween, then in a couple of weeks I'll add some leaves to it and make it a Thanksgiving wreath. We're all about repurposing in this house!