Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Time!

It's Halloween time!! I love decorating my house for the holidays! Right now we have 14 mini pumpkins inside of the house along with a few more decorations. Out on the balcony we have spider webs, twinkle lights and banners, plus 10 pumpkins that are waiting to be carved! The front door has some glittery tinsel, spider webs, and an autumn wreath (made to look like it's for Halloween by adding some spiderwebs). Danny and I are still looking for the perfect haunted house to add to the decor, I figure if we buy a few things every year by the time we are 50 it will be perfect!

Happy Halloween!!

PS: Here is a tutorial to the Boo! banner I made in the first picture ...

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Em said...

Emilia! I LOVE your skills! Come decorate my place!