Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins Galor!

Remember all those pumpkins in the previous post? Well this weekend we carved them ALL! Including a couple more pumpkins that we just had to have, one being a beautiful 120lb big mac pumpkin! Danny has always wanted to carve a big mac pumpkin, but they are always so deformed, then one day we saw the most perfect big mac pumpkin so we knew this year would be the year that Danny would get to live out his pumpkin carving dream.

Here is a picture of his big mac pumpkin. What a beauty.
On Friday Jessica and Tarrin came over and carved pumpkins with us! Our little lot looked good! I carved a couple of owls on my pumpkins, Tarrin carved a raven, and Jessica made a Jack-o-Lantern! Danny made some very crazy Jack-o-Lanterns. My poor Martha Stewart exacto knife was ruined in the process (but it's okay I got a new one ha ha).

Then on Saturday it was time for Danny to carve that big mac pumpkin! He did a wonderful job! I thought it looked amazing! This time he even bought his own exacto knife kit so that my new Marthat Stewart knife wouldn't get orange and gross. What a great man!

Danny says you always see big pumpkins eating the small pumpkins but this year was the small pumpkins year for revenge! So the small pumpkins attacked!!

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Steph said...

I love how that huge pumpkin turned out!! Danny is a pretty talented pumpkin carver.

Now it's time for all the Thanksgiving decorations!! Woo!!