Monday, February 13, 2012

Happiest Saturday Date on Earth!

This weekend it was Danny's turn to pick what we did on Saturday, and he said all week he just wanted to relax on Saturday and not do anything. Around 10am on Saturday Danny had had enough relaxing and said he wanted to do something, so we went to Disneyland! The happiest place on earth! We ate pizza and saw some pretty fabulous outfits while roaming the park. They had all of the trolleys and carriages up and running, it seemed more like a busy downtown than a theme park. Next week it's my turn to pick, and I am already excited! 

We have been eating here every time we go to Disneyland now. It's too yummy!
I want to put these lanterns in my backyard! I think they are so cute!
Every time we go to Disneyland Toon Town is closed, because we tend to go to Disneyland at night. But since it was Saturday afternoon it was hustling and bustling! Micky's house is pretty amazing.
This is Chip and Dale's house. It kind of scares me in the winter, it looks too bare!
After Disneyland we popped over to California Adventure to check out how the construction was coming along. It looked great! Stuff was already up and a lot of the scaffolding was down! I can't wait for summer 2012!

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