Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday in the Park

On Saturday Danny and I went to the Irvine Park. It's the most amazing park! If you haven't been you MUST go! You can ride a train, you can rent and ride bikes, you can rent paddle boats, you can have a BBQ and they even have a zoo so, you can visit cute animals! I can't wait to go back, set up the badminton net and have a picnic!  

It was the most beautiful day! There was not a cloud in the sky and it was hot hot hot!
Our first stop was the zoo! We saw some cute cats and big bears and fed some funny farm animals.
After the zoo we went for a bike ride. They have lost of different bikes you can rent. Danny and I rented one of the bikes above. It was so fun!
Peddling was fun! But somehow, there were more uphills than downhills! I was tired after 30 min!
This is my model shot, Danny took this picture as I was coming back to the bike. I wore one of the color blocked skirts I made this week! 

 After the park we went to the Orange Circle to look at some antiques and get some lunch. It was a fantastic Saturday! 

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