Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Headband Happy Days

My friend Mary is in town from Washington D.C. and we love to craft, last time she was home we had a sewing party and made some very cute skirts! This time we made headbands! It was so much fun, Mary made some very cute hard headbands with some feathers and some fun ribbon. I made soft headbands they're very shiny, very cute! Mary's were more professional, I will have to ask her to take some pictures of them so I can post them on here and you can see her talent! I can't wait to have another sewing/craft party the next time she comes down! Sorry about the pictures, I have been dancing all day and so I don't want my gross face to show ha ha thank you iphoto blurring enhancement!


Sarah said...

I love all the cute things you have been making. Next time you have a sewing party I want an invite!

Kristina said...

please make me something cute and send it to UT!! or better yet, bring it in person :)