Thursday, March 11, 2010

Easter Wreath

So I decided to make an extra cheesy Easter wreath, I didn't feel like cutting out more felt so I just used the felt from the Valentine's Day wreath, added some purple, and put it onto a circle wreath. I cut out some ribbon and made a funny little Easter Bunny peeking out from behind and there you have it extra cheesy very Elle Woods Easter wreath! I want to make a wreath with Argentine colors for the World Cup! I think that will be my next wreath, or maybe a yellow and orange one with a little sun on it for summertime! They're so easy to make and I feel like I have to have a wreath on my door because a wreath-less door seems like a really sad door. Anywho sorry for the cheesy craft, I will try and post a more mature craft next time!

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