Friday, October 28, 2011

Short Women and Tall Men ...

A while back my friend Julie sent me this link with the tag "I thought of you," it was a link from showing pictures of couples who have a 12 inch or more height difference. That's me and my man! He is 6'3'' and I am 5'2.5''. I've always wondered if we looked funny walking around together, but seeing pictures of all these other couples who also have such a large height gap made me realize that there are others out there like us and we don't look funny at all! But maybe I should start wearing heels more often.

Since I am 5'2 AND a HALF (the half is very important to me) 
Danny and I are somewhere in between Josh 6'3'' and Fergie 5'2'' ...

Photo from

and Sacha 6'3'' and Isla 5'3'' 

photo from

Me in Heels
Me in Flats

Did you see those 3 inches of difference from Heels to Flats!? Looks like I need to go shoe shopping!

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