Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Tuesday

I've been making a lot of pencil skirts lately and I think nothing looks cuter than a pencil skirt, a plain T, and a pendant necklace. I couldn't find any pendant necklaces that were plain and simple without being $50! So I thought I'd just make one! I rushed out to Michael's to get supplies and figured out a way to make my own pendant necklaces. I am NOT a jewelry maker, but I found a really simple (and cheap) way to make a cute pendant necklace to go with all your pencil skirts this fall! The best part is, NO TOOLS NECESSARY! Just scissors. 

Here are the supplies you'll need.
You will need a chain, these little gold pins (not a jewelry maker so I don't know what they are called), small rings, and big beads!
You need these three things in order to make your pendant. 
First you will twist and bend your gold pin in order to get it to look all funky like the picture above.
Then you will twist it into the bead, it will be a little bit difficult, but the more difficult it is then the more secure it will be inside of your bead. I've been wearing mine for a week now and it is still securely in place.
Then cut whatever part of the pin is showing from the bottom of your bead.  I just used regular scissors. 
Then take your little ring and open it up with your fingers. I didn't need pliers, I just used my finger nails. 
Then loop the ring through the pin and close it tight, squeezing it in between your fingers. 
Then just loop it though your chain. I used a chain I already had for my purple bead, and the chain I bought at Michael's for my red bead. If you're using a chain you already have and the ring doesn't fit through the chain's clasp then open up the little ring again, put it through your chain, and close it tight.

There you go! Now you have your very own pendant necklace to wear out and about! I can't wait to make it in more colors!

Here I am wearing my red necklace in Long Beach!


Em said...

Emilia, I love it! I am totally going to make that one of my next projects!!!

T n T said...

So fun! also, fyi october is Jewelry month at Micheals! 50% off strung beads :)

Emilia said...

Thanks girls! That's perfect! I was wondering why everything was so cheap haha. We have a few more days to stock up on beads!