Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is Halloween!

I put up my Halloween decorations promptly on October 1st. I LOVE Halloween and I couldn't wait to get all of my decorations up. Danny sometimes thinks I can "over-decorate" but I think he is being silly. You can't ever have enough decorations! Especially for Halloween! Danny usually takes pictures, but he was away so I took his camera and took pictures myself...which is probably why they are not the best pictures. There are a lot of pictures, I can't edit when it comes to Halloween ... and cats. 
The more the merrier!
This is a table runner I made for Jessica's birthday party last year. This year I am using it underneath our little Halloween village.
Here is the beginning of our Halloween village. We just started buying stuff this year, so we don't have much yet.
We have a little grave yard
We have some glittered trees and a fence that Danny painted.
We have pumpkins and a couple of little figures. 
World Market is one of my favorite places to get Halloween stuff.
Danny's sister in law made these decorations for us last year.
Here are some more table runners I made, and some lanterns from Wal-Mart.
I usually make signs with my Cricut, but this year I saw this cute one at Target and it matched my table cloth so I had to get it. This paper lantern I found at the Orange Circle. It was hanging outside, but then it started raining so I brought it inside to dry.

Those were all my indoor decorations, now here are my outdoor decorations! 

I love tissue paper garlands!
Danny got this coffin a while ago, there's a little guy that pops out and scares me all too often, so I keep it off most of the time.
I LOVE string lights, these are from World Market. Big bulbs are the only way to go when it comes to string lights.
These little pumpkin lights are from Target
I made this wreath last year, when it comes to spiderwebs less is more. Don't over do it!

BOO! Hope your house is full of Halloween cheer! 

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