Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shiny Glitter Shoes!

I start my mornings watching The Martha Stewart Show. I get a lot of my craft inspiration from her. She has so many great tips! Last week she had a blogger on her show who demonstrated how to glitter up your shoes! I thought they looked so cute, I have a ton of Alpargatas lying around my house from Argentina. Alpargatas are like flip-flops in Argentina. Toms shoes are based on the Alpargatas design. Whenever any of my friends or family members go to Argentina they always bring me back a pair. I thought they would be the perfect shoes to glitter! I went to Michael's and picked up some Martha Stewart glitter and some Mod Podge and started crafting! 
It was very easy, you just mix the Mod Podge with the glitter and layer it on your shoes. I did about 5 coats, I wanted it to be solid! It got a little thick, but I still think they look cute, especially when the sun hits them!
You can find all the instructions here!

The supplies. 

Before (these aren't the exact shoes because I forgot to take a picture before I started, but they are similar...like I said I have a lot of these!)

The final product! I think I might make them again, but this time I will use one of my black Alpargatas!

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