Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Post for Myself

This has nothing to do with anything except my friend Manny posted a video of my very first dance concert dancing to Freakum Dress (it was not a very formal dance concert, this was just a fun concert put on entirely by students). I was the only white girl and I think I held my own for the most part, I mean it was my first semester dancing! Give me a break. Anywho I wanted the video for myself but I don't know how to save it on my computer so I decided to post it on here and that way I can have it forever. You don't have to watch it, like I said this post is really just for me to have a record of the number. I will be posting pictures of the new knit skirts I've started making this weekend. Happy weekend!

Freakum Dress

SUPERMANNY | MySpace Video

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