Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Bonnie!

It was Danny's nieces' birthday and I didn't know what I was going to get her! I never know what to get little kids, I don't have kids and I don't remember what I liked when I was a kid so, I am always a little nervous when it comes to shopping for kids! After a good day of thinking and debating what to get Miss Bonnie on her birthday I decided I was just going to make her something! Every time I see her she is either drawing or coloring, she is a little artist! I figured it would be nice to have a little clutch full of art supplies that she could take with her wherever she went, then I thought it would be cute to put the clutch in a little tote so that she could not only take her little art clutch everywhere, but she could also take her coloring books or some Mad Libs for mama! Originally I made just a crayon caddy that carried 24 crayons, then I realized that that wasn't very fun, so I made another one that had room for 12 crayons, 3 pencils, and a paper pad. Then she could really take it anywhere and have everything she needed!

Here is the original crayon caddy that held the 24 crayons, after I made her the other art caddy I just put the extra crayons in this caddy.

Here's the art clutch.

Here's how it was presented. Happy Birthday Bonnie!


Steph said...

oh my gosh, Emi. This is such a cute idea. I love it! How excited was she?

Emilia said...

I think she liked it! Her mom said that she uses it everyday, and when I went over there like a week after her bday it was out on the table and she was using it! So that was exciting, then when I saw her a few days later she said "Are you the one that sews all the stuff?" ha ha ha I was like that's me!!