Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year: 2010

Danny and I rang in the new year at my house watching Twilight Zone's and drinking sparkling cider, it was perfect! I've decided that I will call this year TWENTY TEN and not TWO THOUSAND AND TEN. The correct way to say it is TWENTY TEN, so it makes me feel superior to say it the right way, if you say two thousand and ten I will probably silently judge you, (since that is not one of my 2010 resolutions). Well, I figured I would do a post about my 2010 new year's resolutions! I have a little bit of a list, I figure the more I have the more likely it will be that I will accomplish at least one of them! So, here it goes.
  1. Read my scriptures more!
  2. Do some sort of cardio activity (I've already signed up for a twice a week spinning class so I think this one will be accomplished)
  3. Blog more, I go in and out of the habit, mainly because I run out of things to blog about.
  4. Sew and craft more, I have been in a sewing frenzy! I've made two skirts and two dresses and a valentines day wreath in the past 5 days. So, I am off to a good start.
  5. This is the most important resolution, GROW OUT MY BANGS!! This is going to be a challenge, I always give in and chop them off, but I must be strong this year! I must grow them out and refuse the urge to trim! I am sure that once they get long enough I will develop a complex about my big forehead and chop them off again, but I must get to the point where I can put my fringe behind my ears! 2010 is the year, I can feel it.
  6. And last, but not least get to bed earlier so that I don't sleep in until 12pm and lose the entire day!
Okay those are my resolutions, I know they are lame, and probably not very deep/life altering, but I am a pretty perfect person already, so I don't have much to work on. JUST kidding! I just like to make goals that I know are possible to keep, and these goals are the goals that I need at this moment. They are simple and will help me be a little bit better.
I'm so excited for 2010!

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Elise said...

I will silently judge with you :) Twenty-Ten!