Thursday, December 31, 2009

All In One

I feel like since it is the last day of the year I should blog about all the stuff I didn't get to blog about. This tends to happen to me with my journals too, I find my journal and go "wow I haven't written in this thing in about 8 months, I have a lot of catching up to do." So I take a night and fill my journal in on everything that has happened up to that point. I think that being a better blogger should be one of my new years resolutions, but we will leave those up to the next post! Ok so here we go, I will blog about some of my favorite things of the year that I haven't blogged about yet! (The rest of the things I will blog about when I have nothing to blog about ha ha. My life isn't interesting so I have to save my stories so it seems like I update my blog often with cool things that I do, but really I just don't blog for 8 months and then blog about the stuff I did in that time. Only this time my hair is darker so you can tell that the stuff that I am blogging about is old news. Whoops.)

One of my most favorite experiences of 2009 had to have been the American College Dance Festival in Akron, Ohio. I was lucky enough to get chosen to go the ACDFA in March 2009. It was one of the best experiences of my life, I learned so much about myself and about dance. I learned so many different techniques in the short time I was there. I learned about the Horton technique (which is my all time favorite right now) I learned Jazz Disco, which was the most fun! I got to do Fosse routines which were so much fun, his movement was so interesting. I pretty much got to do everything! We were taking 3 to 4 dance classes a day, seeing concerts that night and then we had guest judges who would critique the movement after the concert. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I grew so much, not only with my movement and technique, but I also grew more patient, because when you are traveling with 27 different people there is bound to be drama. So I had to learn how to bite my tongue and be understanding real quick! It was really nice however being able to share that experiences with some of your closest friends! We all grew so much closer and share something that not that many people can experience. I feel very blessed to be able to have been a part of that.
Here we are landing in Cleveland OHio and loading up 9 people (WITH Luggage) into a van.
We had a fancy dinner overlooking one of the lakes the second night we were there. This is a picture of me and my girl friends on that trip.
This is a picture of my best friend Shawnee, me, and my roommates! I had the best roommates on the trip! Jamie and Risa are the nicest people I haven ever met, Jamie took care of us the whole time. When I got home I missed them the first couple nights because they were so much fun to bunk with!
This is the Original Four! Gilbert, Shawnee, Manny and Me. These are my bestest friends. I miss them during winter and summer break because we all have to work and can hardly see each other on break!
Here we are at Jazz Disco (I picked up some pretty good moves, so if anyone ever wants to learn the Hustle, give me a call ha ha)
The girls

I turned 23 this year! I had a really fun birthday party. I haven't had a big birthday party in a while, but this year my friend Erika let me use her house to throw a little birthday bash! Danny always spoils me on my birthdays! I am probably the luckiest girl in the world, he helped me out so much with this birthday party. I love him more than I love my OPI Nail Polish collection. All my closest friends and family were at my party! It was so exciting for me. I had an amazing birthday party and look forward to 23!
Me blowing out my candles! Jill made me a really yummy cake! She is such a good baker, I always love her cakes
Me and my cousins. They are beautiful
Me and best friend Ashely
The floozies
Best Birthday Ever

After my birthday came Halloween! I love Halloween! It is also one of Danny's favorite holidays. Danny really enjoys carving pumpkins and we carved SOO many this year! I hope 2010 Halloween can be just as good as 2009 Halloween!

All our pumpkins!
I carved the witch (and the BOO! Danny carved the rest)
This year Danny and I went old school Halloween and dresesd up as something that we probably would've dressed up as when we were 5. A ballerina and a ghost.

The last thing I will blog about is Christmas 2009. Danny and I LOVE Christmas, and we love to do all the Christmas stuff, we go see the Newport Beach Boat Parade, we drive around and look at Christmas lights at least once a week and I take Danny to the Nutcracker and he takes me to see A Christmas Carol at the South Coast Repertory. This year we added a new tradition, going to see The Grinch Musical. It was lame, don't go see it unless you get super cheap tickets! The set was boring and most of the songs were annoying. It is the Grinch story told through an old Max that is leaving the Grinch. He is reminiscing about the Christmas where him and the Grinch stole Christmas. It was stupid, Danny and I both fell asleep during the musical. Save your cash, buy more presents ha ha.

Here I am at the Pantages (Danny hates taking pictures, I don't want everyone to think I am obsessed with myself, but Danny won't even take pictures with me. I had to force him to take the one below with the Christmas Tree. I think it was one of my Christmas presents ha ha


Kristina said...

hip hip hooray for our blogs.

jenny demke said...

I got a sewing machine for Christmas! now we can blog AND sew together. you can teach me how to make a cute skirt like yours. i guess you guys are coming down in a couple of weeks? i don't know. that's just what andy told me. i hope danny doesn't get sick this time.