Monday, December 28, 2009

I Got Tagged Almost a Year Ago and Just Realized It...

OK so I just got a laptop and I don't really go on that many websites online, so once I went to
1.) Anthropologie
2.) Facebook
I ran out of things to do on my brand new shiny laptop that I LOVE! But then I remembered that I had a blog! So I went on my blog, but I didn't really have much to blog about, so I went on other peoples blogs. I went to Jill's and was reading through posts and found that she tagged me on one of them to do this fun thing where you go to your pictures, go to the 6th file then pick the 6th picture and blog about. ALAS! Something to blog about. Thank you Jill! So I did it. Only I just got this computer, I only have one file ha ha so I picked the 6th picture on my one little file and got the picture above.
This picture was taken at Soup Plantation. I am working on getting my Pilate's certification and I had missed some days of my program due to the HORRIBLE flu that went around this season, so I had to make up some days by attending a fundraiser for my instructor. For every person that ate (and got a drink...very picky) at Soup Plantation I made up a day. Danny's dad was in town the day of the fundraiser so we made a night of it. Thankfully Jill and Steve and their gorgeous kids came, which gave me two adults, Jenny, Jessica, Danny, Gaskell Dad, and myself gave me seven! I needed 6 make ups so I was cleared and got an A! All thanks to the Gaskell clan!
The picture above was the picture that I had to take in order to prove that I went.
I am now supposed to tag six people to do the same thing (go to your pictures, find your 6th file, blog about the 6th picture in that file), but I don't think six people read my blog, so if you read this, DO IT!

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