Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"When I Was Very Young"

(Above: My dad and me in Mar Del Plata).
Whenever I go somewhere with my dad and it comes time to pay I know exactly what he is going to say when the cashier asks him to see his drivers license. He is going to take it out and say "When I was very young," then he shows them his drivers license with a picture of him with dark black hair with no canas and a slender face. He is more salt and pepper now, very George Clooney. I always laugh, it's always funny. Maybe because the cashier always laughs (However they are probably being nice). When I was young it used to bug me that my dad would tell the same jokes over and over again, but now that I am older I think they are funny. Plus those people have never heard those jokes so, its new to them. Well I started thinking about when I was "very young," and how cute I was. Danny says that it's not often that you hear people rave about how cute they were as little kids, but i assured him that it's probably because there are not that many people that were AS cute as me when they were young, and if there were more people that were as cute as I was when they were little, then they would talk about it all the time. Its perfectly normal. There are not that many pictures of me when I was little, I think most of them are still in Argentina, but I found a couple of ones around the house.

(Above: Family and friends trip in Mar Del Plata)
(Above: This is when my mom was "very young"!)

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