Monday, January 16, 2012

Safari Park in (lots of) Pictures

Here are almost all of our pictures from the Safari Park! I can't edit, so there are a lot!



Mrs. Ham said...

amazing!!!! i've never been to a park where you can actually touch the animals and have them lick your face practically! haha

we just might need to go down there! that pictures of danny taking pictures i thought he had a gun and was shooting. made me double take! HA

Emilia said...

Do it!! It was so fun! We did the Caravan Safari, I think I was like $130 per person?? Maybe a little more, but it was worth it!

jessica said...

OH MY GRACIOUS THIS LOOKS LIKE A BLAST!!! I am totes jealous of you!!!
PS- why were we not watching MISS AMERICA together last weekend?!?! We need to debrief on it next time I see ya! I adore you :)