Monday, January 16, 2012

Encinitas via Instagram

Danny's sister Jessica moved down to Cardiff by the Sea and boy are we jealous! But, lucky for us she lets us come down and visit her whenever we want! I used to camp down in San Elijo every summer and it was amazing! We would stay there for an entire week! We'd lay out, shop, and eat at their cute little restaurants. This past weekend Danny and I packed up and hit all of my favorite spots down there. Here is our trip via Instagram ...

I am not what one would call a "light packer"
Perfect on the road snack. Happy Meal french fries are so cute!
We've arrived!
First thing's first...Dinner at Leucadias. Good pizza and great service! We would eat here the first night we arrived, and Danny and I are keeping that tradition!
The next day it was off to the safari park!
Jessica and I on the tram
My zoo outfit. A shirt I made myself and some bright blue jeans with a navy blue cardi!
The elephants
The zoo wasn't that great, but then Danny I decided to do the caravan tour. We're so glad we did!
We got to feed Giraffes!
And rhinos!
It was amazing!
That night we had dinner at another one of our staples, Las Olas.
The next morning we had brunch at St. Germains (another place we ate at every summer)
Then we walked around, saw all the cute shops Encinitas has to offer.
These are my favorite homes in Encinitas. They're on Third St. and they're amazing.
Someone please move in!
After our walk we stopped by VG Doughnuts and went back home to Orange County.

 It was such an amazing trip! We can't wait to go back!


Britters said...

You hit all of our old haunts!!! I miss camping. Hopefully we can get a spot and do all of this again!!!

Emilia said...

I know! I wanted to take Danny to all the places that we used to go to! It was like a nostalgic vacay!