Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Week(s) in Instagram

The past two weeks have been CRAZY! And this week isn't looking any better. Luckily I have a few moments tonight to sit down and blog. We don't have that many proper pictures from the past two weeks, but we do have a ton of Instagram pics. I've been sewing a lot, crafting a lot, shopping a lot, and stressing a lot! Christmas is right around the corner! Here is my Christmas madness in Instagram, hopefully I can do a real post soon!

Happy Holidays!

During the holidays we try a go Holiday Light viewing at least twice a week! Here are our staples ...

Remember this house from last year? Check it out here
We drive down this street a LOT. I did a post about this street last year too. Check it out here

 I spent some time with my lovely cat, Messi

This is his favorite spot.

 We got our CanvasPop, it looks amazing! I went over to Danny's office to help him pick a place on the wall to hang it up!

 My mom and I made Alfajores de Mizena. They're delicious. I also started to work on the dress I wore to the Nutcracker, while working on my dress I got the chance to finish a few button ups.

Here are all the shirts I've made in November and December. Tomorrow I am finishing up two more, and cutting three more out! This weather is perfect for these with a sweater on top!

 I went out to breakfast with my firned Kate, we ended up talking for 3 hours at the restaurant and two more at my place. I love catching up!

I got the veggie omelet and the country potatoes. So good!

 My friend Tanne came over to barrow some dresses for her husband's Christmas party, and returned them dry cleaned and with a cupcake! I have the best friends.

 I tried the fishtail high bun and went to Disneyland. We had the BEST Disneyland day. We ate at the French Market, rode Small World and Alice in Wonderland, saw some fireworks and went on Star Tours, then watched Fantasmic and went on Pirates of the Caribbean!

 We went to the Newport Beach boat parade on Thursday. We always watch it from Balboa Island. We eat at Ciao (it's an amazing Italian restaurant we discovered last year and can't stop going!) and we walk over to the beach to watch the boats.

Two years ago we stumbled upon this great house that had this mini town and mini train set in front of it. Last year we tried finding it, but since it was raining like crazy we didn't have the chance. This year we found it and wrote down the address! Opal St! If you're in Balboa, stop by because its pretty rad.
After the parade we went over to Fashion Island for some shopping.
One of my finds from the night. Cat slippers. So cute, and perfect for a cat enthusiast like myself!

 On Friday we went to our friend Erika's annual White Elephant Gift Exchange Party! Here is what I got ...

 I brought Beignet Mix, and I bought a pack for myself! They're so good! Every time we go to Disneyland I get a few, so it's nice to be able to make them in my own home. Yum!

 On Saturday Danny and I went to the Nutcracker. We go see it ever year, the past two years haven't been so great. Since the economy isn't doing so well Ballet companies aren't traveling, so we haven't seen an amazing ballet since the Kirov came to LA in 2008! This year we saw the Long Beach Ballet Company's Nutcracker, it was pretty good. The dancing was okay, but the sets and costumes were fabulous. Plus there were a lot of pyrotechnics to keep Danny interested. We had dinner at Gladstone's and then walked around the pier. It was a really great night!

I spent all week making this shirt dress for the Nutcracker.

Every Saturday night I watch SNL. This week was the Christmas episode, and Jimmy Fallon was hosting. It was really funny! It hasn't been this funny in a long time. I love when they bring back alumni. 

 Today we went to the Nixon Library because the holiday trains are in town! It's a great exhibition filled with mini towns and mini trains, there's even one made entirely out of Legos. Danny was in heaven. 

I wore one of the shirts I made earlier this month to the Nixon Library today!


And if I don't get the chance to blog again until after Christmas, I wish you all a Very MERRY Christmas! And I hope Santa brings you everything you asked for. 


jessica said...

Oh my gracious, everything about this post makes me tres happy. Especially the house with the mannequins in front of it because we live RIGHT by there and seriously go past it at least 2x a is our favorite thing ever!!

Emilia said...

Ha ha ha it's amazing!!!! I always wonder what the people across the street think! Like to look out your window every morning and see a bunch of mannequins dressed like floozies. Amazing. At least they're more modest this year, the first year Danny and I went by there they were seriously in like a bra and a skirt ha ha! It's too good.

Britters said...

That slutty mannequin house is amazing!!! Where can i find this jem?!?