Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Catching Up (once again): 2013 Holidays

Okay, I was awful at blogging in 2013! And 2014 isn't looking too good either, considering it's April 1st and I have yet to blog. BUT I am going to try harder, I say that every time, but this time I kind of, sort of, mean it! :) I will start by blogging about old things I have to blog about, which are Halloween and Christmas in 2013. 

Halloween ...

It's no shocker by now, but Danny and I LOVE Halloween. Danny's creative juices flow around this time, he is a great pumpkin carver! I love decorating the house, Halloween decor is just so interesting to me. I don't love scary, I like more cute Halloween. I enjoy a very PG, even G rated Halloween. Quirky spiders, cute bats, and beautiful pumpkins. I don't love ghost, unless they're friendly, blood, or anything dark around Halloween. 

We always start with a visit to Tanaka Farms. We try and go the first few days it opens, and then back again towards the end of the season. That's when all the wonky pumpkins are found. No one ever wants those poor guys, but they actually make the best jack-o-lanterns! 

 Up next, I decorate the house. We bought a few new decorations this year, and plan to keep growing our collection of spooky decor!

On the Eve of Halloween we go over to my mom's or Danny's sister's house to carve pumpkins! This year we went over to Danny's sister's house. The girls always love to see the pumpkins come to life! 

 Then it was time for Trick or Treating!! We love passing out candy, but this year I went with the girls door to door. It was so fun watching them say, "Trick or Treat" and "Happy Halloween!" 

Being a kid is the best!

Hope your Halloween we just as fun!! I already can't wait for October : )

Christmas Time!

Our Christmas traditions are some of my favorite traditions. We have so many of them, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

One of my most favorite things about Christmas is Disneyland at Christmas time! It is so beautiful, and magical! It even snows every night. I loved going with my nieces this year, and watching their reaction to the snow, my niece Bonnie said, "My dream came true! [I saw the snow] Now I have to find a new dream." I love her so much. 

 The park looks gorgeous during the day and night. Beautiful either way!

 Bonnie and the snow

Ash and I at Disneyland. Our favorite place.

The only thing I don't love about Disneyland, are the crowds! The crowds are crazy at Disneyland around Christmas!! But it's worth it! I promise. 

 Our house at Christmas is also one of my favorite things. We got a real Christmas tree, and some new ornaments for it. Our house always looks like Santa's Village, Danny thinks it's too much, I think you could never have enough Holiday decor!

 Shopping for our Christmas tree! I like them a bit more bald!

My little baby cat died the day after Halloween : ( Christmas was his favorite, so I placed a picture of him under the tree. He LOVED falling asleep on the tree skirt, under the lights. I loved seeing his picture there every night when I looked over at the tree. It made me feel like he was really there. I still miss him constantly. 

Our tree didn't last very long! It stopped drinking water! Next year we are going to buy that plant grow stuff they sell at the tree lots! 

One of my favorite things about this Christmas was that we got a real wreath for the door!!! I loved it so much! Next year I am going to get one for the side door too! and maybe even some garland!

It was the perfect little spot to watch Meet Me in St. Louis. Another one of my favorite Christmas traditions. 

 I love how crazy people are getting with their Christmas lights, because it makes our next tradition EXTRA fun! Christmas light cruising! We try and go at least once a week, and check out fun neighborhoods with crazy lights!

Yale St. in Fullerton has a few neighborhoods that put up giant spheres in their trees, and it just feels like it's raining lights!

Anaheim has a house we call the "Ho Ho Ho House" They decorate with sexy mannequins in lingerie, and anything that has anything to do with Christmas. 

Brea has an amazing neighborhood that goes ALL out. There was even a house that was selling street tacos! And they were delicious. So, so good. 

 Lastly, we always try and make it down to Naples in Long Beach. There's a house down there that copies the Griswold's house! It is truly amazing. 

We always to to the Nutcracker, this year we went back to the Long Beach Ballet's version. It's always really good!

I made Danny take a picture with my on Christmas! It was a Christmas miracle ha ha ha

Hope your Christmas was just as fabulous! 

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