Saturday, February 21, 2009

Calico: Not a Destination

Calico is a place that you casually stop at on the way to your destination, like Vegas or Utah. However, Danny did not understand this because when he was growing up ... this was the destination for him. His family would pack up the car and drive to Calico. Danny and I were heading out to Utah this fall and we decided that we should stop by and see if it was as amazing as we had remembered it to be as little was not. When we got to Calico, there was really nothing there. It was so hot, and all the people were really weird. There were a lot of tank tops, and faded denim ... and those were the men. We did get some pretty neat pictures though. The little school they have was a bit creepy, but it was neat to see how small the desks used to be, since now kids need just a table to function as a desk and a king sized plastic chair. Which is really messed up because existentially the table wants to function as a table and not a desk. Its essence is to be a table and not a desk, and so it must act as a table ... but fat kids force us to use the table as a desk! Which is not its purpose! So the table is forced to be something it was never meant to be!! Stupid fat kids. Ok I got side tracked ... Calico is a great place to put out a beach chair, slap on some tanning oil, and soak up the rays, other than that it is just a place to stop by. 15 min at the most, and then continue on to your destination.

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jenny demke said...

I still have never been to calico. it sort of looks like Knotts Berry Farm without the rides, cholos, and berry hoes.