Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Pact...

So, my friends Jenny and Ashley are going to Israel for two weeks on an archaeological dig in June. Well, in order for them to travel safely, and blend in the professor in charge told them that they would have to cover their heads (they are both super super blond). So, Jenny and Ashley decided that they would dye their hair brown before they went, but in order for them not to burst into tears when they do it, me and another one of Jenny's friends are all going to go brown! They say that you should always diet in groups with your friends so you have a support group that is going through the same exact thing as you. The same should be don't when dying ones hair to drastic colors! I don't think I will go as dark as they will go, but I am excited to try a new look. They do not leave until June, so I have plenty of time to back out until then! Ha ha ha ha. Maybe I will look for a dark blond, or a golden color like Jennifer Aniston. OR maybe a Carrie Bradshaw color! So many options, good thing I have like 6 months to look for the perfect color!
PS: I already dyed my hair brown a couple of years ago...but I did it myself while Jenny was in Paris (Jenny is also my hair stylist) and it turned GREEN! Anywho after Jenny came back from Paris TWO WEEKS LATER she fixed it to the color in the picture above (in the picture with me is Ashley, a member of the pact!). However, I do not remember anything from those months of my life when I had dark hair. It is like I completely suppressed all those memories. Man, those were dark times. Hopefully this time will be different since I have a support group all doing the same thing.

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