Friday, January 30, 2009

Seasonal Depression

I know it was only not sunny for about two days, but it felt like a life time!! I need the sun in my life. I felt like my tan was fading, and fading quick! I had 10 days of color built up and BAM all of the sudden winter decided to show itself. I am glad that the sun is now back, and showing those rain clouds who's the boss! Today I laid out with my friend Erika, and it was AMAAZZING! We just fell asleep under the warm embracing rays of the sun. There is nothing better than laying out all day and smelling like fried chicken. Addicted? Maybe, actually absolutely. I am totally, utterly, and completely addicted to the sun. I must be tan at all times. Some of you might ask...but Emilia, aren't you scared of getting skin cancer?? HA! I laugh in the face of skin cancer! I mean, if you are going to get cancer, you might as well get skin cancer, that way you die looking tan and fabulous (you have permission to read this at my funeral if/when I do indeed die from skin cancer). I get my moles checked out regularly by my dermy. We are BFF. I have gotten so many removed, and they all come back fine. I figure at this rate I can have all my moles removed by the time I am 40, because they say that is when skin cancer begins to show itself. Sunscreen doesn't even help anymore! I was reading an article that said that some sunscreens actually cause MORE free radicals than no sunscreen at all. So, they advised to wear sunscreen that has antioxidants in it. Or to put on an antioxidant lotion nightly and then wear sunscreen in the morning (I guess antioxidants last about 4 days on your skin or something like that). ANYWHO I guess no one is safe! I might as well get a nice deep tan. I am all about global warming, and let that hole in the ozone layer get bigger. That way my tan can come quicker and deeper! Yes tans!

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jill said...

You are always the tannest person I know! And blondest.