Saturday, January 24, 2009

World Peace...

I know, the picture of me in the crown is the most amazing picture you have ever seen. I MMEEAAAN! Look at the soft glow feature I used! I've always wanted to be Miss America, at the very least Miss USA.Who hasn't? You get a gown and a bunch of roses! Not to mention the sparkly sash you get to wear. Tonight is the Miss America Pageant! I have been watching pageants since I was a little girl, I love all pageants, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe, Miss America, and even Miss Hawaiian Tropics. But for the past two years, there has been this weird movement of making Miss America more "modern" I HATE that they are trying to make it hip and modern. That is an abomination to pageants everywhere! If I want to watch women parade around in fashion forward - hip and moderness I will watch the Oscars red carpet arrivals. I want to see teased hair, a pound and a half of make up, and dresses with so many stones that it can be seen from outer space! Those are the essentials of the Miss America pageant. The fact that it is outrageous makes it amAAAzing!I can see "modern and hip" in any US Weekly any day. I want big hair and fake tans, bedazzled dresses and four rows of fake lashes (speaking of which, Dancing with the Stars comes back on March 11th...that is like a pageant every week!) Bring back the true Miss America! I don't want the new modern Miss America! I want the old tranny Miss America!

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