Monday, January 19, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

When Danny and I went to Vegas in the summer we discovered this amazing place thanks to our good friend Stacy. It was called the Bone Yard, and it was where all the old strip signs went to rest. I die. It was about 140 degrees and the ground below me was melting my pink jellies (Yes I own pink jellies...I also have them in clear. Don't judge me.) We took so many pictures, actually by "we" I mean Danny took my picture. He is not a big picture fan, he hates taking pictures. I practically had to threaten him to take the picture above. I posed in front of every sign! You actually have to sign a form before they take you into the bone yard saying that you will not use the pictures for profit or blah blah blah. I guess the tour guide got all worried cause he saw me taking so many pictures, luckily Stacy was able to back me up, and let him know that they would only be going on my facebook ... and now blog! It was such a fun Vegas trip! I have been to Vegas about a million times, and this trip was probably top three! A few months after our trip I was watching some music videos, and Carrie Underwood had actually filmed her "Last Name" music video in the bone yard! I felt so connected. .
I meeeaann!!!

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