Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Jerk-Loser Breed

A recent little tiff with this guy I know sparked a slue of memories from back in my dating life (**Disclaimer** this post has nothing to do with that guy, just in case he reads this...which he won't because he claimed my blog put him to sleep, so obviously he was at the wrong blog). Anywho! Why is it that guys can be total dicks to girls, I mean they can be rude and disrespectful, and as soon as a girl bites back she is labeled the "bitch" or she is told to "not take things so seriously/personal." These guys are retarded (I know I shouldn't use that word, but its a funny word, and so I will continue to use it. Sue me) and the girls that put up with them are an embarrassment to women everywhere. If someone plays a prank on you, you play one back. It is a game, and I don't understand why some guys get all weirded out when a girl plays their little "I'm a sarcastic dick" game back. What am I supposedto do? Sit there and laugh about it? Tell you how much I love it when you wear your hat tilted to one angle? I think they have a word for this jerk-loser breed of men ... DoucheBags! The ones I ran into seemed to mostly reside in Utah, or at least flocked to Utah for a while. I remember when I was out in the dating scene, I'd run into these losers all the time. They would say something rude and undoubtedly retarded...AND MIND YOU it was completely unprovoked. I would be minding my own business and they would snap in with some intolerable comment. WELL I would bite back, and then alllll of the sudden they called foul play, I had an attitude problem, or I didn't know how to take a joke. If I were a guy my comments would have been greeted with laughter, and probably one of those lame high chest hand shakes that turn into a half hug, you know, the ones douchebags give each other. If a guy is a jerk to me, I will be a jerk back. I will not think you are funny, or charming. I will just think you are an A hole. This doesn't mean my feelings will be hurt...because that's the other thing that bugs me. These losers think that they have actually hurt your feelings, when in reality you are just doing the same thing they are doing to you, but they take it as hostile. I guess I always try to think of what their intentions were when saying said comment. It obviously isn't a compliment, since it is usually things like "no one will marry a girl that wears ridiculous shoes like you" (I know it is a lame example) So, I have to believe that their intentions are to belittle me, and so I come back with the same intentions. Then this happens, "WOAH! Can't you take a joke? " said the DoucheBag. YES yes I can, but what you said is not a joke, it is a comment that is made at the expense of someone else, it is unprovoked, and it is usually demeaning. So what if I like high heels, I am minding my own business. I didn't ask you if you liked my shoes, you decided to make that retarded statement on your own. Girls, if a boy is mean to you, he is not hitting on you...he is just an A HOLE, and you need to stay clear of them.

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